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Kameleon Jewelry in Burnsville, Minnesota

 Kameleon Jewelpop Jewelry

Kameleon Jewelry is a completely customizeable line of accessories.  

Change your look as often as you like. Choose a base, such as a ring, pendant, or earrings. Then add your favorite Jewelpop insert to complete your look.  Jewelpops are interchangeable with all Kameleon jewelry.  Jewelpops “pop” in  and out of jewelry making it easy to design your customized jewelry.


2 x 2 Kameleon Jewelry Image


Kameleon Jewelry resonates with what today’s consumers are seeking – beautiful jewelry that is flexible, versatile and reflects a sense of individualism and style.  Kameleon sterling silver comes with the added value of infinite possibilities tailored for every mood and wardrobe change.

New 2013 Kameleon Releases